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Speaking Topics and Sessions
At your location or other conference venue. The sessions and topics listed below can also be customized for length or for specific company or organizational needs. Ask Gary.

Transitioning for Success

  • The Road to Gumption™. More than the title suggests, Gary's book The Road to Gumption: Using Your Inner Courage to Balance Your Work and Personal Life is really about creating change where one might not know where to begin. Attendees will learn how to lower their stress by figuring out what to do, then acting on it, using The 11 Rules of Gumption and The 5 P's of Change™.
  • The Road to Business Gumption™. A customized session for businesses, focused on applying the 5 Ps of Change™ and the Rules of Business Gumption™ to create a culture of change within a company or organization. Attendees of the seminar apply the concepts directly to their organization's internal issues and priorities.
  • Dive Into ACTION! Find Your Niche in Times of Uncertainty. Uncertainty is running very high, not just because of the number of layoffs and job losses, but also for those still employed but wondering what will happen next. Discover how to take control and create a plan for your "next big thing", whether you are a layoff victim, someone worried about becoming one soon, or someone just looking for a change.
  • Dive Into ACTION! For Recent Graduates. Recent or soon-to-be college graduates will learn the direct and systematic methodology to seek and attain that desired first full-time position to launch their careers.

Business Leadership Topics

  • The Road to Business Gumption™. This topic as described above deals with both leadership issues as well as organizational transition.
  • Let It Fly! Defy the Laws of Business Gravity™. Using the FORE metaphor from Gary's book Let It Fly! Defy the Laws of Business Gravity and Keep Your Company Soaring, learn the iterative FORE cycle that creates the culture in your company for growth and success. The Laws of Business Gravity are always trying to pull your company down. Learn how to defy those laws and keep your company soaring!
  • The Gumption to Let It Fly™. A combination of both topics above in one session, with The 5 U's that explain resistance to change.

Business Strategy Workshops/Seminars

The following two seminars are best suited for colleges or universities to offer to their workforce development, professional development, or certificate program client groups:

  • Introduction to Green Entrepreneurship. For people who are considering starting a business, but who have wondered if environmental angles make it more or less difficult. This seminar assumes no prior business ownership experience, and will take attendees through the process of a start-up, along with the merits (or not) of trying to be a green business.
  • Demystifying Green Business. This workshop assumes attendees have either prior or existing business ownership experience. Being green is all the rage right now, but what does it really mean? You still have to run a viable business. We'll discuss the issues, pros, and cons of integrating green elements into existing business strategy.