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About Gary Lim

Gary Lim, M.A. is an author, entrepreneur, consultant, keynote speaker, and seminar leader. He created, and is president of Aurarius LLC, the strategic and management consulting firm he originally founded in San Jose, California, then relocated to Upstate New York. In addition to Aurarius, he also founded CEO PrivateLine, and is a co-founder of HealthcareBusinessOffice LLC. His 20+ years of corporate experience include leadership positions at Hewlett Packard, ROLM, Xerox, and Novell, during the time he worked in California’s “Silicon Valley.”


Gary is the author of four books, available at and other well-known online retailers. His first book, The Road to Gumption: Using Your Inner Courage to Balance Your Work and Personal Life, was an Amazon #1 Bestseller in its category. His second book, Let It Fly! Defy the Laws of Business Gravity and Keep Your Company Soaring is an engaging leadership parable with compelling takeaways. His third book, Dive Into ACTION! Find Your Niche in Times of Uncertainty, a work about mid-career professionals finding new opportunities, was well-received. More recently, Gary adapted this book to a work suitable for soon-to-be or recent college graduates, called Dive Into ACTION! For Recent Graduates: Don't Be A Part of the Pack, Be Apart From the Pack!


Gary has spoken to audiences in many venues, including executive retreats, keynote addresses, conference workshops, corporate seminars, product launches, and training courses. He has worked with thousands of attendees from organizations ranging from Fortune 500 corporations and mid-market firms to not-for-profits and educational institutions. In his work with client companies and conference or seminar attendees, Gary is often considered one of the best at assessing a complex situation, reducing it to a few key issues, and offering practical solutions. His experience and skill set are focused in the areas of helping companies achieve even higher levels of performance. In his consulting, Gary utilizes his proprietary methodology to take firms to what he calls the AgileXnt™ Zone (pronounced a-jil-EX-ent), where organizations are simultaneously agile and excellent.


He earned a Bachelor’s degree cum laude from Princeton University in electrical engineering and computer science, and also holds a Master’s degree in organizational management from University of Phoenix. Now residing in Upstate New York, Gary serves in a part-time capacity as Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse. But mostly he travels to wherever he’s needed to help clients find their Road to Gumption, Let It Fly, Dive Into ACTION, and reach the AgileXnt Zone.