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Dive Into ACTION! For Recent Graduates: Don't Be A Part of the Pack, Be Apart From the Pack!

(Dorato Press, 2011) Undergraduate and graduate students graduating from colleges and universities face a challenging task of finding a position to start or continue their careers. In his latest book, Gary Lim applies a slightly different version of his acronym ACTION specifically to what recent or soon-to-be graduates need to do to find their next great opportunity.
"Dive Into Action! For Recent Graduates does an excellent job of breaking down what can be an intimidating process into easy to understand steps. This is the job search information all new graduates need, delivered in a way that quickly communicates the essential points and encourages the reader to move the process forward.”
--Rick DelVecchio, Director of Career Placement, Sacred Heart University

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Dive Into ACTION! Find Your Niche in Times of Uncertainty

(Dorato Press, 2009) Financial difficulties and market changes have created even higher levels of uncertainty in the workforce, particularly for those experiencing layoffs. In Gary's useful and pragmatic third book, discover the ACTION methodology for taking control and creating a plan for your "next big thing", whether you are a layoff victim or just someone looking for a change.
“Gary Lim has written a quick-reading story with compelling and practical takeaways! Grab this book if you want to tackle an uncertain job market and plot your next career move.”
--Amy Dorn Kopelan, Co-Founder, The Guru Nation

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Let It Fly! Defy the Laws of Business Gravity and Keep Your Company Soaring

(Dorato Press, 2009) With his second work of business fiction, Gary presents his concepts of the "FORE" cycle of leadership and "Aerial Views" that leaders use to help defy his "Laws of Business Gravity." The story takes place amidst the beauty of a well-known oceanside golf course.
"Excellent insights for entrepreneurs, managers, and executives, set in an enjoyable story venue of a round of golf. The methodology and practical suggestions of Let It Fly! resonated with me."
--Peter Hebert, Chairman, Lux Research Inc.; Managing Partner, Lux Capital Management

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The Road to Gumption: Using Your Inner Courage to Balance Your Work and Personal Life

(Dorato Press, 2007) This book, a business parable on transition and change for success, introduces Gary's "5 P's of Change" and 11 "Rules of Gumption". More than the title suggests, it is about creating change where one might not know where to begin.
"In this story about facing and resolving uncertainty, Gary Lim's concepts of The 5 P's of Change and 11 Rules of Gumption offer a practical approach to the thought process of evaluating one's direction in life. The book is a quick read that encourages a rewarding journey to self-discovery."
--Dr. Cornelius Murphy Jr., President, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

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