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"The Most Valuable Gift of All Time"
A Message from Gary


“Be CONFIDENT AND ASSURED with an ACTION PLAN of what you need to do TO BE MORE SUCCESSFUL … Even in today’s uncertain times!”


Large companies are still laying off, small businesses are still struggling, people are out of work and looking for jobs they’re not sure exist anymore. Whether you own your own business, are still employed but are looking to better your position, or are trying to find your next great opportunity, today’s times cast lots of uncertainty for everyone.


But those who will emerge from this ongoing economic storm “whole”, are folks who recognize that creating a personal action plan, and more importantly ACTING ON IT, is the key to success.


A personal message from: Gary Lim


Times are tough, and the forecast is for rough seas to continue for some time. Many experts say that the "real" recovery will not start to take hold until beyond our current timeframe. Whether you are a business owner, a corporate executive, or an independent contractor, this can make you feel:

  • overloaded

  • stressed out

  • indecisive

  • unfocused

  • reactive instead of proactive

  • anxious about your job (if you still have one)

  • not in control

  • alone with no one to talk to

  • burnt out and lacking fresh ideas

The biggest problem during these challenging times? People wait to take action – they wait to see how things turn out. They wait in their businesses, and they wait in their personal lives. And who could blame them? When you feel all the things listed above, the natural, human reaction is to wait.


But those who ACT put themselves in a position to win. Those who wait, often wait too long and lose out on opportunities.


“I’ve been there.”


I know what these challenging times are like. In my career, I’ve experienced unplanned interruptions from layoffs and changes of corporate direction (not because of anything I did, by the way). There I was, doing my job well, being a great leader and a team player, and boom! Something happened and I was on the outside looking in. Then I would pick myself up, figure out my next great opportunity, take action and go for it.


After a number of years of working for other people, I decided to gain some degree of control, and work for myself. But there’s also uncertainty in the world of business ownership. Markets change, customers change, the economy ebbs and flows. I learned to deal with these uncertainties too, and to figure out what action to take to survive and grow.


So, I’ve been there -- been downsized, been ousted, been acquired. Picked myself up, figured out the next thing, took action and went for it. Started a company or two, turned others around. Overcame business uncertainties and created some good things even in not-so-good times.


The common thread? I figured out an action plan, and acted on it. Tweaked it, acted some more. Then some more.


“And now I can help YOU TAKE ACTION too!”


By making myself available to you one-on-one through my fixed-rate, unlimited-dialogue coaching levels, you too can figure out the action plan you need to take to get to your next level of success, or your next great opportunity.


I can help if you already own your own business, or are thinking of making the leap to start your own. I can help if you're still employed by a company and looking to do better or to make a change, or if you're not employed and are looking for your next great opportunity. I've experienced it all, turning negatives into positives, and challenges into opportunities.


What a few of my clients have said …


“A master at making things clear, concise and compelling for me. That he's "been there" was invaluable."

S.D., Portland, OR


“Helped me see the way clear on what I needed to do to get to the next level with our company.”

A.R., East Syracuse, NY


“When Gary asks me questions during our sessions, he makes me to think about things in different ways – ways that hadn’t occurred to me before."

 R.M., Santa Clara, CA


“One of the best at taking a complex situation and reducing it to a short list of critical issues. Kept me focused on the right things.”

S.H., San Jose, CA


 “Unlimited dialogue by phone or email, at a fixed rate!”


Most people can’t afford to “let the meter run up” hourly fees typically charged by other consultants and coaches. Especially in today’s times. Because of my experience, and because I can directly relate to the challenges of my clients, I offer a choice of five coaching service levels, all with unlimited dialogue for a fixed monthly fee that is very reasonable.


Why do I do this? Because I want to help more folks. Because I wish I had access to this type of service when I was experiencing my “career interruptions” and business uncertainties. I can’t give away my time, but I do want to make it as accessible as I can to as many people who want the help. I’ve got plenty else to do, with my 4th book just released (my 1st one was a #1 Bestseller in its Amazon category!), my speaking, teaching, consulting, and other projects. But I love the impact of one-on-one dialogue with someone where I know I can make a difference.


“For a limited number of people…”


These are what I call sounding board and advisory services, and because I want to offer them to people who could really use the help, I do so for a fixed monthly rate that includes unlimited dialogue. The dialogue is by email, or by email and phone, depending on the service level. The rate depends on what’s included, and whether we talk about only your personal action plan, or, if you are a business executive or business owner (or an aspiring one of either), your business issues and action plan too.


I only have room for a limited number of clients at each coaching level, however. Though I wish I could expand it, I only have a limited amount of time I’ve set aside for one-on-one coaching. And that’s because I personally do all the coaching. I do not outsource my service to others who would serve as the coach. If you join one of my coaching programs, I am your coach -- no one else. You get the direct, one-to-one benefit of my experience and perspectives.


The five levels of coaching I offer are all with unlimited dialogue, and all with fixed monthly rates for convenient budgeting. The three most comprehensive levels, Vantage Elite™, the Inner Circle™, and DirectChannel™ are for business owners and executives, present and aspiring. The other two levels, the Diamond Level™ and Emerald Level™, are for folks who do not own businesses or do not need business executive coaching, but who want to work on their personal action plans. Here’s what is included at each level.


The Vantage Elite™ service includes dialogue by phone and by email, on your business issues (as an owner or an executive) and personal action plans. It also includes two in-person, face-to-face visits with me per month. These visits could take place at your location, at my location, or somewhere in between. If I have to travel, you take care of those expenses, but other than that, all of my time devoted to you is included in the fixed monthly rate of $1,997. That’s quite a value for a direct private channel to me. Remember, you only get me -- no substitutes, no stand-ins.


If you’re part of my Inner Circle™ service, it includes everything that’s in Vantage Elite, except for the in-person visits. The time I spend with you by phone and by email is unlimited, for the fixed monthly rate of $897. With other services that have a meter running for hourly rates, you’d barely get started for this amount of money. With my Inner Circle clients, like the Vantage Elite, I discuss both your business issues and personal action plans.


Maybe you need everything that the Inner Circle has (business issues and personal action plans), but don't want to worry about trying to sync up our schedules by phone. You can sign up for DirectChannel™ instead, where we discuss all the same issues as the Inner Circle, through unlimited email dialogue. All this for the fixed monthly rate of $397.


If you need to discuss only personal action plans (i.e. nothing about your work), and want to do so by phone and email, subscribe to my Diamond Level™ service at the very reasonable rate of $177 per month. The response time is a slight notch below my Inner Circle, but still timely.


For those who need only personal action plans discussed and who have less urgent response time needs, there’s my Emerald Level™, where email is the only means of dialogue. This for just $87 per month, and response time is in turn a slight lag behind the Diamond Level.


The peace of mind is priceless…


Like I said, I wish I had someone to talk to when I was working through the uncertainties of business and career interruptions long ago. Sure, people around me were sympathetic and supportive, but no one could really relate to what I was grappling with, and the feelings of FUD – fear, uncertainty, and doubt.


With my coaching programs and our one-on-one interaction, I'll help you become:

  • more secure, because you’ll have the ear of someone who’s been through what you’re going through, not just someone who’s heard about it but has never lived it

  • more focused, because you’ll know where you’re headed after vetting alternatives

  • more confident, because you’ll know what you need to take action on

  • more relaxed, because you won’t feel so alone anymore, with my feedback available "on call"

Achieving these feelings will help you reach the next level of your business, your career, your personal life, or all three. And the increased peace of mind is priceless.


I’m sure you would agree that in other hourly-rate fee scenarios, you would be spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars more per month. And you might not even get anyone who has directly experienced the challenges like yours and emerged from them successfully, as I have.


Your Satisfaction Guaranteed


I want you to be satisfied with our work together:

  1. There are no long term contracts. It’s a simple month-by-month arrangement.

  2. If you’re not happy, you can cancel at any time.

  3. I’ll even refund the prorated amount left in the month.

Click here now to apply for a spot in one of Gary's coaching programs. Space is subject to availability, but he does look forward to the possibility of personally working with you very soon.


To your success,


Gary Lim


P.S. Don’t forget that your membership in one of my coaching programs could be tax deductible, making the actual cost even lower than you think. Be sure to ask your tax professional.


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